About Ashcraft's Cardio Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do Studio in San Antonio, TX

About the Instructor

Steve Ashcraft — Martial Arts Training in San Antonio, TX
Mr. Steve Ashcraft has a long list of accomplishments in the martial arts and the kickboxing areas. He was in the national Ratings for point karate for five years. He was in the national Ratings in Blackbelt Magazine for point karate. He was in the top twenty of the Star Rating system from the years 1981 to 2006. This is the longest anyone has ever been in the world ratings for kickboxing. He had the fastest knock out in history with 7 seconds into the first round of a kickboxing match. He appeared on the NBC show Sports Spectacular where he fought for Chuck Norris on the Dallas Gladiators team, which was part of the Karate International Council of Kickboxing organization.
He also appeared on Wide World of Sports, which aired on ABC, where he tied for first place twice in a kata competition at the U.S. Karate Championships. He and 14 of his blackbelts starred on the show Real People where they broke the world record in house demolition. He is in the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, along with his schools, Ashcraft's Cardio Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do Studios. He is a former Texas Welterweight Champion in kickboxing, Texas Middleweight champion in kickboxing, Southwest welterweight Champion in kickboxing, and Southern United States Champion of kickboxing. Howard Hanson, the President of WKA, sanctioned all these titles.
Steve Ashcraft holding trophy — Martial Arts Training in San Antonio, TX
He was the first person to start 2 man katas in competition along with his partner, Grand Master Alvin Francis. He has recently been inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame and he was the 2010 Man of the Year for the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He currently owns and operates Ashcraft's Martial Arts Studio and has a TV show in San Antonio, Texas called Kickin' It with Steve Ashcraft. It is all about the martial arts and is the only show about martial arts in the state of Texas. Mr. Ashcraft is currently a 7th Degree Blackbelt in the Tae kwon Do. He has worked with the FBI out of Camp Bullis, Texas, and has also worked as a bodyguard to the stars, some of which include Willie Nelson, Bono of U2, and Sherman Hensley who starred as George Jefferson on the hit show, The Jefferson's. Mr. Ashcraft can be reached at (210) 344-4272.

Ashcraft's History

Throughout the history of Korea, Tae Kwon Do has been called by several different names: Soobak, Soobakhee, Soobyuk, Takkyeon, Beekaksool, Soobyukta and Kwonbub. Tae Kwon Do has continued to grow and evolve as it was handed down from generation to generation. During the end of the Lee Dynasty and during the Japanese occupation of Korea, Tae Kwon Do appeared to fade away, but the Tae Kwon Do spirit in Korea never died. Tae Kwon Do started to revitalize itself with the restoration of Korea's independence after 36 years of Japanese occupation.
Randy Palmer, Ashcraft's Black Belt and Cruiser Weight World Kickboxing Champion — Martial Arts Training in San Antonio, TX
In 1956, Jhoon Rhee arrived in Texas for military training by the USAF. While there, he taught what may have been, the first American class in Tae Kwon Do. Allen Steen, karate pioneer in the American Southwest, studied karate under Jhoon Rhee in 1959 at the University of Texas. He earned his black belt in 1962, and in 1963, he promoted his first black belt. In 1966, he was a member of the victorious U.S. National Karate Team in Hawaii. That same year, he won the International Karate Championships in Long Beach, beating out both Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis.
During the early 1970's Steve Ashcraft began to train with the pioneers of Martial Arts like Allen Steen, Alvin Francis, Demetris Havannas, and Joe Lewis. During this time Steve also began his career as a professional kick boxer. Steve continued to fight for 14 years attaining the #3 ranking in the world and #1 in Texas.
Steve's teaching career began at the Texas Black belt Institute in the mid 1970's. This original dojo is still in operation at the location off Nakoma. In the 1990's the name was changed to Ashcraft's Martial Arts as a salute to the chief instructor and his accomplishments as a martial artist and championship kickboxer.